Why Is My Facebook Marketplace Not Working

Why Is My Facebook Marketplace Not Working?

Why Is My Facebook Marketplace Not Working? – If you are out there and you are still asking this same question “why is my facebook marketplace not working? you will find a solution here today. I think it is not just you asking that question but there are other people who are still asking that same question too. Not working is also known as not loading so if you have any of this issue just know that both are the same thing. There are many reasons why your facebook marketplace is not working or loading. Which I will like us to look into in this article but first what do you guys understand by the word facebook marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace

I know that not every Facebook user or person knows what facebook marketplace is or what it is been used for. Facebook marketplace or marketplace on facebook is a digital market or you can call it an internet marketplace. It is a place where a kind of buying and selling take place. Anybody can buy or sell several goods and products, on facebook marketplace. You are also going to see people that want to patronize businesses and brands. You can also post products or items for sale and get to reach out to buyers who may be interested in what you have posted or want to sell.

Marketplace in Facebook

Marketplace in facebook or facebook marketplace is an in-built feature that is launched right inside the facebook website or the Facebook mobile app. The marketplace can be used by anybody as long it is available in your location. It is common on Android and iOS devices; you can also use the marketplace right on your desktop too. The marketplace is positioned in three different parts, if you are using an Android device, you can find it at the top of your facebook homepage as a little shop. While if you are using iPhones and iPads, you can find it at the bottom of your facebook homepage as a little shop also. As for the desktop users, it is located at the left-hand column of your Facebook homepage. These are the three different parts where you can find the marketplace on Facebook.

How to use Facebook Marketplace?

I have been talking about the facebook marketplace and I have mentioned the different parts where you can find the marketplace on these three devices Android, iOS, and Desktop. If you are selling, you just have to access the marketplace and choose your option; buy or sell. Then you have to choose the category of product or item you want to sell. Enter your product detail I mean the list of your product and after that, you can click the post button.

While if you are buying, what you will do is this. After accessing the marketplace on your various devices, search for the item you want to buy and contact or message the seller for further details. After contacting the seller, you both can discuss how to get the product and how to make the payment.

Why is my Facebook Marketplace not Working?

This is what we have above, the reason why your facebook marketplace refuses to work or load can be as a result of the accessibility of the marketplace in your country. Another reason can be a result of your browser cache if you are using a web browser to access the Facebook platform. So, what you have to do, is to clear your browser cache and restart your device or desktop and revisit the facebook site again.

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